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Welcome to Professional Dispatch Management

Professional Dispatch Management offers a full range of courses related to telecommunications for the public safety sector, including workshops for dispatchers and call takers and supervisors.

Our instructors are available for APCO and NENA conferences with 1 - 8 hour training tracks
Our instructors are also available for keynote speaking engagements

(This is a 2 day course)
"Will you know what to do, when an officer is shot"

Supervising Problem Employees
(This 16 hour course)

Fire Dispatch Training Course
(This is a 2 day course, 16 hours)
"The Heat Is On"

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
(This is a 8 hour course)
"Legal Liability for Dispatchers"

Have your dispatchers been certified?
If not, you are a lawsuit waiting to happen!

The Good The Bad The Ugly CourseSupervising Problem Employees